Elegant Design – and Extra Flexibility


The table takes centre stage! The slim screen table is available in 8 different sizes – each with convenient extension technology. In an instant, you get lots of space for big gatherings. And you can select your preferred chair design from the comprehensive range of models – for dining areas with character.

Pic 1: WNNB_297: W-NOVARA in walnut, matte. Chair no. 100.1 + 100.2, cover 297 leather look. Extensible table 200 (254/308/362/416) x 95 cm with 4 insertion plates.

Pic 2: WNAE_309: W-NOVARA in natural red core beech. Chair no. 108.1 + 108.2, cover 291 leather look. Extensible table with insertion plates. 6 insertion plates, each 54 cm (4 pieces stored inside, 2 extra pieces separately) 200 (254/308/362/416/470/524) x 95 cm.

Pic 3: WN_WE_295_540_stuhl_1031_1041B: W-NOVARA in natural wild oak. Chair 103.1 + 104.1, cover seat 295 leather look, cover back 540. Screen table 200 (254/308/362/416) x 95 cm with 4 insert plates.

Pic 4: WN_RK_291A: W-NOVARA in natural red core beech, chair 108.1 + 108.2, cover 291 leather look, screen table 4 insert plates 200 (254/308/362/416) x 95 cm, can be expanded with 2 additional insert plates to 470/524 cm.


Solid Wood

Entire Wössner fabric collection + leather/leather look

Exclusive Fabrics

Clever table extension

Surface protection

Extending table


Extension technology for extension table

Insertion plates, extensible table

*Felt sliding system (surcharge)

Clever table extension

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Natural wild oak

Natural red core beech

Walnut, matte


Max. 6 insertion plates, each 54 cm (4 pieces stored inside, 2 extra pieces separately) for up to 20 persons (470/524 cm)

Chair 100.1+100.2

4-legged chair, upholstered bowl with and without armrests

Chair 101.1+101.2

4-legged chair, wooden back with and without armrests

Chair 102.1

4-legged chair, upholstered back without armrests

Stuhl 102.2

4-legged chair, upholstered back with armrests

Chair 103.1+103.2

High-back 4-legged chair wooden back with and without armrests

Chair 104.1+104.2

High-back 4-legged chair, upholstered back with and without armrests

Chair 108.1+108.2

4-legged chair with and without armrests

Chair 109.1+109.2*

Cantilevered upholstered bowl, quilted back, with and without armrests in matte nickel / bright chrome

Chair 120.1*

Cantilever, upholstered shell, with and without armrests, bright chrome

Chair 121.1+121.2*

Cantilever with and without armrests, upholstered shell, matte nickel / bright chrome

Chair 125.1

with upholstered shell, metal rail, matte nickel / bright chrome


Chair 164.1

4-legged chair, upholstered bowl

*Felt sliding system (surcharge)

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