Wössner – the brand name for the dining area

Certified Quality. Guaranteed Safety. Healthy Living. You won’t find off-the-shelf solutions or cheap furniture at Wössner. That’s because Wössner demands that its products meet stringent quality standards.
Currently working 60 employees for the development and distribution of high-quality dining furnitures – Designed in Germany.
A tradition of furniture manufacture

Wössner is numbered among the traditional companies in the field of German furniture manufacture and has been a family operation for three generations. At the initiative of Angelika Wössner, the company shifted its focus to dining room furniture in the late-1960s. At the time, Wössner was the first company to manufacture complete matching dining room sets. That’s something which Wössner customers have come to rely on: With regards to the longevity of the products, planning the usage of the available square-footage (thanks to the space-saving models), material quality, special features, surface treatment, and of course the use of furniture to create a comfortable living atmosphere.

The dining area – a matter of taste

Tastes in furnishings and customer expectations are constantly changing – and Wössner has always successfully met this challenge. At Wössner, you’ll find a wide variety of styles, from the authentic rustic style all the way up to designer dining areas. At present, the focus is on the development of innovative dining comfort lines. Wössner is the brand name for dining areas, and this can be seen both in the functionality of its products and the breadth of its product lines. With the segments – Colour your Life – dining+comfort collection – massiv+comfort collection – Dining-Collection – Vintage – Bench-/Corner-Bench-Collection – Chair-Table-Systems, Wössner covers the entire spectrum of furniture styles.

Certified quality

Wössner is a founding member of the Deutsche Gütegemeinschaft Möbel e.V. [German Furniture Quality Association]. That’s why Wössner pays such attention to durable and environmentally-friendly processing quality. The foam pads carry the eco-friendly symbol. The paints are exempt from labelling requirements. The furniture is tested annually by the LGA for contaminants, safety, and function. Customers can therefore enjoy a perfectly clear conscience, knowing that they have purchased safe and eco-friendly furniture. But that’s not enough. With regards to its wood supply, too, Wössner is very selective and uses only wood from FSC-certified companies who practice responsible forest management principles.